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Following yesterdays MAGA March in Washington D.C. which drew around 150,000 to 200,000 Trump supporters, marauding groups of far-left Antifa-BLM extremists terrorized and attacked supporters of the US president including women, children, families, and the elderly as they walked back to their cars and accommodations.

A plethora of video clips showing the far-left extremists terrorizing, physically assaulting, and hurling incendiary explosives at Trump supporters and restaurant-goers were captured and have been circulating on social media. The incidents have been mostly overlooked by most major networks and left-wing publications, but President Trump has retweeted a number of the following videos.

One mob of extremists surrounded, physically intimidated, and hurled racial epithets at an elderly couple as they walked down the street. Some members of the group, at one point, even tried to steal a Trump flag out of the hands of the elderly female.

Footage also shows black-clad counter-demonstrators hurling fireworks and bottles at Trump supporters who were dining outside a restaurant downtown at around 6 pm.


Link Perhaps the most controversial moment of the night came when a knife-wielding BLM supporter was seen shrieking obscenities at a crowd of Trump supporters, allegedly from the Proud Boys militia-style outfit.

In the footage, a switchblade appears in the woman’s left hand while another BLM supporter accompanying her heckles the Trump fans while riding a scooter.

One man seeks to disarm the woman but before this can happen another Proud Boy approaches from behind and hits her across the head with a helmet.

Despite the woman herself wearing headgear, the force of the connection was enough to knock her unconscious and she was pictured lying in the street with blood pouring from her mouth.

The mainstream media only covered this story and accused Trump supporters of racism.

They didnt even mention the knife or what happened before the attack.

Heres a video of what happened when she allegedly stole a US flag & was brandishing a knife. She got knocked out.

The media didn’t even report the fact that the police which they want tode-fund came to aid the BLM militant:

Violence is never the answer but the violence that comes from the left has to stop if we want our country to survive!

VIDEO:  https://redstatenation.com/video-blm-extremist-pulls-knife-on-trump-supporters-and-steal-their-flag-immediately-regrets-it/