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Everybody assumed that Trump would lose in Virginia, a state that has been aggressively Democrat starting with Obama in 2008. When Virginia’s all-Democrat government enacted a slew of gun control laws, though, January saw huge Second Amendment protests in the state. Then the Wuhan Virus came along, the protests ended, and Virginia seemingly fell back into the blue zone. No one thought that it, too, might be one of the election fraud states – but that assumption may have been wrong.


We already got a tip-off last week (although we didn’t realize it) that Virginia was probably yet another state in which Biden got his electoral college votes through fraud. On November 11, American Thinker published a post entitled, “Data analysis shows weird mail-in ballot anomalies in contested states.”


The analysis looked at the final ratio of Democrat to Republican presidential votes in all 50 states. The norm for 40 of those 50 states was that, when counting mail-in ballots, they reflect the same ultimate ratio for the election as a whole. Thus, if a Democrat ends by winning 2 to 1, the mail-in ballots will also reflect this ratio as they arrive and get counted. That’s because they’ve been shuffled in the postal system so that they don’t arrive as clumps of ballots from red or blue districts. This ratio of red versus blue incoming ballots shows up as a constant straight line on a chart.


However, in ten states, nine of which Trump contests, the chart showed a huge and bizarre bounce right around 4 a.m. That, of course, was after the fraud states abruptly stopped counting, only to resume a few hours later – and that was when the tide turned so dramatically in Biden’s direction that he completely wiped out Trump’s advantage.



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