Headline of the Day

From what she says, the Trump team has a “fire hose” flow of evidence of massive sufficient to reset the election.

A few days ago, Sidney Powell said that the Trump team would release the Kraken (a mythical giant squid that shatters sailing ships) against the election results that claim Biden won. On Sunday, Powell spelled out what this Trump Kraken looks like  and she vouches for its existence. Based on the details she imparted, the Biden dinghy  certainly not a ship of state) isnt just going to take on water; its going to a long-deserved rendezvous with Davy Jones locker.

Powell, who has been working to save General Flynn from the morass his first attorneys, who were compromised, led him into, is now part of President Trump’s post-election team. On Friday, she appeared on the Lou Dobbs show and memorably said, “I’m going to release the Kraken.”

The problem is that we Trump supporters have been hearing many promises to expose election fraud. And yes, there has been a lot of fraud shown: In myriad jurisdictions, people are testifying about absentee-ballot dumps, banned poll watchers, cemetery votes, etc. But there’s always been the worry that these actions, while true, may not convince a judge (or nine justices) to overturn the election.

Then word started leaking out that statistics could prove that the enormous Biden surges after the polls shut down were statistical impossibilities. American Thinker authors have written about some of those problems before, so I won’t rehash them. If you’re curious, you can find some examples here, here, here, here, and here, all of which are written in easy-to-understand English, rather than statistician or programmer English. Nevertheless, it was not entirely clear that the Trump team understood the immensity of what happened.

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