Headline of the Day

Tuesday November 17, two weeks after the election, will mark the release of A Promised Landthe first of two volumes by former president Barack Obama. As he explains, the 768-page book will provide “an honest accounting” of his presidential campaign and thoughts on “how we can heal the divisions in our country going forward and make our democracy work for everybody.” If anybody thought the author still considers himself president of the United States it would be hard to blame them, and there’s a lot more going on here.


In late October, former vice president Joe Biden boasted of the most “extensive and inclusive” voter fraud campaign in American history. Democrats are banking on that massive voter fraud to win the day for a corrupt influence peddler less astute than a broken clock. The addled Biden would surely give way to Kamala Harris, already touting a â€œHarris administration,” but A Promised Land flags the real shot-caller. That invites a look back to the Democratic National Convention in 2004.


“My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya,” Illinois state senator Barack Obama told the cheering crowd. “He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack. His father, my grandfather, was a cook, a domestic servant to the British.” The rousing speech prompted a new release of the 1995 Dreams from My Father.


The author moved on to the U.S. Senate and in 2008 was elected president of the United States then reelected in 2012. The president chose for his biographer David Garrow, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Bearing the Cross and other books about Martin Luther King Jr. Garrow’s 2017 Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama dropped a bombshell revelation.


“Dreams from My Father was not a memoir or an autobiography; it was instead, in multitudinous ways, without any question a work of historical fiction (Garrow’s italics). It featured many true-to-life figures and a bevy of accurately described events that indeed had occurred, but it employed the techniques and literary license of a novel, and its most important composite character was the narrator himself.”


To spot-weld Garrow’s point, Dreams is a novel and the author was the first fictitious character to serve as president of the United States, the most powerful person in the world. Skeptics couldn’t check with the Kenyan Barack Obama, who died in 1982. As it happens, in all his written communications from 1958 to 1964, Barack Obama mentions nothing about an American wife and Hawaiian-born son.


Dreams from My Father includes more than 2,000 words about the poet “Frank,” as the author later acknowledged, Frank Marshall Davis, an African American Communist on the FBI’s security index and a pornographer to boot. As Garrow noted, Davis’ kinky exploits and Communist background made him radioactive, so if Barry Soetoro was going to be a rising star in politics, he needed a new narrative.


Davis duly disappeared from the audio version of Dreams and made no appearance in The Audacity of Hope. As Garrow explains, the Dreams author had strong disagreements with Rising Star, which failed to appear in 2018 books by Michelle Obama and Ben Rhodes. Readers might check if it shows up in A Promised Land. The erudite Garrow aside, any unhypnotized reader could easily peg Dreams as fiction.


The book has no index, no photos, and the fakery leaps off the page. Even so, critics swallowed it whole and journalists smeared skeptics as “birthers,” a charge that traces back to Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries. As the late Barry Rubin noted in Silent Revolution, journalists abandoned their craft and worked to ensure the composite character’s election in 2008.


From then through 2016, establishment media served as sycophants to the composite character and inquisitors to his critics. The same dynamics are now on display in 2020, as Democrats deploy the massive voter fraud openly celebrated by Joe Biden. If the voter fraud succeeds, the result would not be the “healing” the Dreams author now promises going forward.


Democrats are already “archiving” Trump supporters and panting for an American gulag. An establishment media on board with identity fraud in 2008 and voter fraud in 2020 would look the other way or cheer the oppression against those they have already branded as white supremacists, Nazis and such.


In the current correlation of forces, the establishment media and deep state – particularly the Fatal Bureau of Investigation â€“ stand arrayed against those who support the Constitution, the rule of law, and back their country as a beacon of liberty and opportunity.


At this writing there’s still reason to hope for the best, a true vote count and four more years for President Trump. On the other hand in 2020, the year of living dangerously, it is wise to prepare for the worst.Â


If Democrat voter fraud succeeds and the heat comes down, everybody will have to decide whether they go out with a bang or a whimper. As President Trump says, we’ll see what happens.