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Eric Coomer, Dominion Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security may have invalidated the election just by Dominions involvement in it€¦with Antifa, and foreign officials behind Antifa that he took direction from throughout 2020.

Oltman explained that “Eric” was telling the Antifa members they needed to “keep up the pressure.”

When Oltman asked, “Who’s Eric?” someone answered, “Eric, he’s the Dominion guy.” Oltman said that as the conversation continued, someone asked, “What are we gonna do if F*cking Trump wins?” Oltman paraphrased how Eric (the Dominion guy) responded, â€œDon’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”– The Gateway Pundit

In his own words, Dominion Systems Security and Strategy officer Eric Coomer provided almost everything the public needs to know about Dominion Voting Systems 2020 general election performance justifying Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud.

I say almost because although it places him communicating with Antifa, there are blanks that need to be filled in. First and foremost is how important was the mail-in ballots scheme to Coomer’s ability to deliver the election and make his railing above possible?

In an August 18, 2020 article, US Antifa leadership was exposed in Germany. The above image shows Ben Utzer, a member of the German Pirate Party leadership, and US Antifa already knew mail-in votes were crucial to this blatant campaign against Democracy.

According to an August 17, 2020 post, mail-in ballots for the general election seem to be the centerpiece for the anti-Trump Resistance to rally around.

The German Pirate Party leadership left a breadcrumb trail from Antifa’s oldest website dating back to the 1990s back to themselves. – CD Media

The links to Ben Utzer’s social media page are a who’s who of socialists and anarchist leaders and technical support that’s in use by the US Antifa radicals today

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