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It may be a bit soon for the Bidens to be measurring for new drapes and ordering a fresh set of presidential china for a stay at the White House. Maybe it’s not a good idea to be picking cabinet members and formulating executive orders before being certified for the office. It also seems a little cheeky to be gathering international allies in support of the proposed great reset of the entire world order.

History shows that it would not be the first or last time a celebration of ascension to head of state proved premature. The number of pretenders to the thrones of nations and empires is voluminous. France, Britain, Russia, Japan, China and even Hawaii have seen imposters who sought to overthrow the existing order and seize power. In all cases, the imposters sought to bypass the laws of succession and established institutions in order to steer the nation or empire in the direction they wished it to go. The hope always was to seize the resources of the conquered entity and to expand their power.

For Jews and Christians, two of the most famous and important upsets in history are chronicled in the biblical record. The message of both stories is that the affairs of states are not always in the hands of pretenders or the presumptuous, but in the hands of Jehovah, God, who loves his people.

The book of Daniel records that Belshazzar, who, though in the line of succession, was an arrogant and pretentious ruler who was over confident in the dizzying power handed down to him by his father, King Nabonidus of Babylon. He held a huge banquet in honor of himself. Part of the celebration included making sure the diasporic Jews within the kingdom were completely humiliated.

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