Headline of the Day

The experts all told us Donald Trump had no chance to win the presidency in 2016. Then he had the audacity to win anyway.

The experts all told us Joe Biden would crush Donald Trump in 2020, and that the Democrats would sweep Congress. Reality intervened: Republicans gained in the House, have more than a shot at keeping the Senate, and the presidential election was diabolically close, whatever its ultimate outcome turns out to be.


The experts didn’t seem to have a problem with socialism, riots, or “defund the police,” but those are triggering civil war within the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump made move after move across four years that defied the will of the collective experts. Experts insisted for years that Trump was just Putin’s puppet; Trump unleashed American fracking, damaging Russia’s economic standing. Expert inveighed against taking China on; Trump thought otherwise and if he has accomplished nothing else on that front, now most of the world has figured out that making that totalitarian regime the global manufacturing hub is deeply problematic.

Perhaps no defiance of the experts was more audacious than Trump’s decision to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Previous presidents for more than 20 years, Republican and Democrat, were required by U.S. law to move the embassy. None had followed through. They listened to the experts and signed waivers every six months keeping the embassy in Tel Aviv and the land on which the embassy was supposed to stand in Jerusalem an empty lot.

Trump promised to make the move during his 2016 run for the presidency, but he actually intended to follow through, and in late 2017, he did.

Israeli’s mostly welcomed the news, but the experts mostly don’t listen to them.

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