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The current results of the Presidential election in Pennsylvania reported to the public are fraudulent because they are close to statistically impossible.

On election night President Trump totally ran away with the election in Pennsylvania.


The President was winning Pennsylvania and held a 675,000 vote lead in the election over Joe Biden. What happened next was corrupt and criminal as the Democrats went about to steal Pennsylvania for Biden.

They took a Trump landslide and they criminally flipped it to Joe Biden.

According to Pennsylvania’s election returns website, on election day President Trump won nearly two thirds of all votes cast in the state.


We looked at other states that were not swing states and the lowest percent in mail-in ballots less than the President’s Election Day votes was 40% but this occurred very rarely. We also spoke with Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email and polymath, on Friday and he told us he is seeing similar patterns in voting data from this year’s election.

Dr. Shiva found the same exact vote reallocation (stealing) strategy in Michigan this week.

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