Headline of the Day

Nancy Pelosi is going about her business during this post-election period, apparently oblivious to the storm that’s raging among her caucus members.

In truth, it isn’t so much that there is much disagreement between radical Democrats and the “moderates.” The problem, as the moderates see it, is “messaging.” The radicals make Democratic proposals sound, well, radical. Centrist Democrats want a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. They prefer to soft-pedal some of the more extreme rhetoric coming from the radicals while embracing the ideas. They don’t want to call it “government-run health care.” They want their health care plan to be “inclusive” and “affordable” and “fair.” Thus is their real intent hidden from the voter.

It worked in a lot of districts and failed in others. But one centrist Democrat had the audacity (or stupidity) to actually praise Donald Trump and says she won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House. Rep.Elissa Slotkin of Michigan thinks it’s time to rein in the radicals and bring the party down to earth. Politico posted a long, revealing interview with the congresswoman.

“You know, the one thing I will say about Donald Trump,” Slotkin began, “he doesn’t talk down to anybody. He is who he is, but he doesn’t talk down to anyone. And I think that there is a certain voter out there because of that who identifies with him and appreciates him.”

Slotkin flipped a GOP seat in 2018 and was comfortably ahead in the polls on Election Day. But she ended up winning by half the margin she was projected to. She and other centrist Democrats believe there are lessons to be learned from Trump.

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