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Longtime Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly says cable news networks are going to “collapse” after President Donald Trump leaves office.

In an interview with Sinclair Broadcasting’s “America This Week” on Wednesday, O’Reilly said “something’s going on” already at Fox News.

“NBC News, CNN, and the other networks are going to collapse almost entirely,” O’Reilly said after Trump leaves office and a Joe Biden administration begins.

“They don’t have any credibility,” he said, adding “everybody knew… they were trying to destroy Trump.”

“Now you’re going to tell the truth,” he scoffed. “It’s over.”

Trump himself has blamed O’Reilly’s former network, Fox News, for his re-election woes.

Earlier this week, Trump tweeted that Fox News “daytime ratings have completely collapsed.”

Trump added that the “biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews.”

Fox viewers have joined with Trump and are exiting the network and tuning into Newsmax TV.

On Thursday, Nielsen reported that more than 1 million cable viewers per minute were tuning into Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” – as the network estimates an additional million viewers tuned in through streaming OTT devices.

CNN’s media analyst Brian Stelter tweeted Saturday, “At this point, I think we can confidently say that Newsmax is cutting into Fox’s base . . . “

Stelter noted that Newsmax is gaining market share for its strong pro-Trump positioning.

And O’Reilly is warning viewers that liberal media outlets that harshly challenged Trump won’t hold Biden to the same standards.

“Whatever Biden does will be the greatest thing,” O’Reilly said.

“He’s not going to hold many press conferences, he’s not going to be around.”

But O’Reilly said it won’t be Biden who wields the most power.

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