Headline of the Day

In the wee hours of November 3rd, as President Trump’s final campaign rally wrapped up, I already missed the exhilaration of the MAGA rallies. I hated to pack up my patriotism in my old kit-bag and smile, smile, smile until the 2024 Presidential election. (Don Jr? Eric? Candace?)

Then the Left’s ridiculously overdone election “steal” came along and if you thought the Spirit of America burned brightly before, oh baby! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. It glowed before. It rages now.

Today, more than one million people flew, rode, drove, caravanned and Trump Trained their way to Washington D. C. where they walked or rolled in wheelchairs for the Million MAGA March insisting loudly, proudly and peacefully that this government by the people accept the people’s choice of President. And our choice is Donald J. Trump. (Duh!) It was a scene straight out of Frank Capra’s 1941 movie Meet John Doe…but in color.

Meanwhile, across the pond, our brothers and sisters in Merrrie Olde England have caught that most contagious of viruses. No, not Covid! Freedom. They marched for liberty today too.

Who do we have to thank for this outpouring of patriotism and the stoking of the Lamp of Freedom?

Why, the Left, of course! They did us all a tremendous favor on November 3rd, November 4th, November 5th, November 6th. Hey! Does anyone know if they’ve stopped counting, re-counting, scanning, re-re-re-scanning, printing and fabricating ballots yet????

The Left doesn’t “git it.” They never will.

You don’t have to be born on these blessed shores to carry America in your soul. Heck! This blog is receiving comments from “honorary Americans” across the globe who understand and have the soul of America deep within their hearts. They’re pulling for us and praying for us because as America goes, so goes the world. As we peacefully fight to regain our freedoms, we’re also fighting for theirs.

They git it. We git it.

But the Left? They’ll never git it because they don’t have America nor God the Father of Freedom in their souls. Unless you have America in your very marrow, you can’t possibly fathom how profound patriotism feels, how intoxicating liberty is and how it inspires us to fight to the death for freedom and self-governance. No, the Left can’t possibly git it.

Just nine short years ago, I didn’t have freedom. Every move I made was controlled and watched. My words were edited, my thoughts gaslighted. Even what I saw and heard was severely censored. My family, who operated more like a cult, acted like Big Tech is acting now. (And the MSM calls MAGA a cult!?! Hardly!)

Naturally, it backfired spectacularly. The more you squeeze freedom, the more passionate it becomes. When you finally taste full freedom, it’s so intoxicating, you get so drunk on it that you’ll never, ever go back to tyranny. The Left has gotta be just plain dumb not to git that.

All they know is gain. Selfishness. Power. Greed. Lacking God in their lives, their only remaining gods are power and money (and worse.)

Today, the adorable people of the MAGA rally pledged, prayed, sang, marched and cheered so their children, spouses, families, friends, coworkers and neighbors can be free. Freedom is unselfish. It’s magnanimous. It seeks the best for others knowing that what comes around, goes around.

President Trump gits it. So he kept the promise he made on Twitter yesterday, donned his MAGA baseball cap, climbed into The Beast and rolled through the heart of the great mass of MAGA Americans. The crowd ran alongside, reaching out to touch his vehicle as Trump waved, mouthed the words “Thank you” and showed that beautiful smile we’ve come to love. The cheering of the crowd was deafening! “I’ve never seen anything like it,” my husband Michael said in awe, “Reagan was liked, but Trump is loved.”

They heard our cheer in Hong Kong. They heard it in South Africa. They heard it in France, Venezuela and England. As we do our damnedest to peacefully fight for freedom here in the Good Ol’ USA, God’s children in Merrie Olde England are taking up the torch as well.

In Bristol, Avon, Somerset and Liverpool today they marched maskless against those ridiculous lockdowns carrying signs that read, “Fear is the Currency of Control,” “We Do Not Consent” and “Stand Up! Take Your Freedom Back!”. Some were arrested. Our English brothers and sisters are willing to sacrifice for their God-given right to leave their home, visit Grandma and breathe fresh air not through a ridiculous strip of bacteria-infested fabric.

Meanwhile in Germany, according to the Associated Press Television News, “German police used water cannons to disperse counter-demonstrators to a protest over coronavirus measures in Frankfurt on Saturday afternoon.” Huh. Frankfurt again. Now where have I heard that before? Oh yes! That’s where the Scytl servers with our fraudulent voting data were seized yesterday, on record and confirmed.

The AP goes on to claim, “The left-wing group had gathered to try and stop anti-restriction demonstrators who were protesting partial lockdown measures imposed on the public by authorities in Hesse state. The counter-demonstrators had blocked the route of the ‘Querdenken’ protest, meaning lateral thinker, through the city centre several times. Police moved in to clear the street, while also keeping the two groups separate from each other. During the anti-restrictions march and rally, some participants did not observe social distancing or wear face masks.”

No masks!? No divide-and-conquer, I mean, social distancing!? Do you mean to say the Querdenken actually acted like normal human beings. Oh the shock! Oh the horror! Oh what the hell am I saying?

America hasn’t just awoken from the nightmare of the NWO inching toward their delusions of Fourth Reich grandeur. The whole world has awoken. Once red-pilled, you can never go back to sleep. It doesn’t work that way.

By so deliciously overdoing their attempt to “steal” the election, the Left accidentally rekindled the soul of America more than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined.

Once there was a shot heard ’round the world. Today there was a cheer heard round the world. A peaceful 1776 has commenced again.