Headline of the Day

It will still be some weeks before we know the final outcome of this election, but it does seem that one thing is known for certain; there was a massive amount of voter fraud perpetrated on the American public, and more evidence is coming to light every day. I won’t go into the specifics of the fraud, because there have been myriad articles on AT and everywhere else doing just that. However, I will tell you that what was done by the Democrat party in this last-ditch, coordinated effort to finally “get” President Trump is not only a travesty — we all know that — but it is one more way in which the Democrats, in their TDS desperation, have miscalculated in a yuge way.

I don’t mean that they miscalculated regarding Trump… I’ve already written on that subject, and Yes They Did… I mean specifically that they miscalculated the potential effect that their inexcusable actions could and probably will have on future elections.

First and foremost, if this election stands it will not only work to destroy the faith in our entire electoral process for 40-50% of the country, but it will also drive an even deeper wedge between the Right and Left, and completely wipe out any chance that there might have been at reconciliation between the two sides. In layman’s terms, there are going to be a lot of rightfully p@ssed-off people out there who may not be willing to play the silent role anymore and will no longer take the high road when the subject of politics is brought up.

But more importantly, here is the miscalculation: they think they’re the only ones capable of cheating.

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