Headline of the Day

Why the hell was the USA 2020 election data being stored on servers in Frankfurt, Germany owned by Scytl, a Spanish company?

Not anymore! Eyewitnesses, Rep. Louis Gohmert and other sources online are reporting the US military confiscated those servers recently. The circle is complete. We have the smoking gun!

How did we ever find ourselves in this ridiculous clusterf…I mean, mess?

Don’t we have perfectly fine servers right here in the good ol’ U S of A? Of course we do. Nonetheless, Dominion sent all our election data to Scytl’s servers in Germany.

Meanwhile, a hostage situation in Montreal is currently underway at the Ubisoft company who is a faithful donor to Democratic Candidates, including HRC, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and reportedly makes software that can easily be used for hacking. Hmmmm. (UPDATE: Later downplayed as a “hoax” by the MSM.)

According to their website, “Scytl has built a strong financial reputation thanks to…the support of leading financial investors: Spinnaker Invest, Vulcan Capital, Nauta Capital, Industry Ventures and Adams Street Partners.”

Wait. Back up. Vulcan Capital?

According to Alpha Omega Energy who was one of the first to break this story seven hours ago, “Vulcan Capital funded Scytl $40 million made by Bill Gates’ Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (dead). Vulcan Capital was formed in 2003 and is headquartered in Seattle with a 2nd office in Palo Alto….Scytl owns the servers that Dominion uses to store your voter fraud data, instead of storing it in the USA where there are plenty of secure safe companies loyal to America, they deliberately held it overseas in George Soros’ domain and with activists and criminals paid by him.”

Ah, again. George Soros rears his ugly head not to mention Bill Gates who gleefully admits his so-called vaccines will kill thousands.

According to Joe Hoft of the Gateway Pundit, “In a little over a week, groups of volunteer IT specialists, data analysts, auditors and more, have uncovered enough potential fraud to overturn the 2020 Election…These groups of Trump and America loving patriots are working on their own time and digging into election data to identify potential evidence of fraud. Despite the MSM promoting a group of ‘experts’ claiming this was ‘the most secure election ever,’ the real evidence indicates a totally different story.”

Just when we thought we’d plumbed the digital depths of Hell and all the ways our election could be digitally corrupted, the Army comes to our rescue and the situation is well in hand.

Germany aiding or allowing us to seize servers on German soil is actually nothing new (for you doubting Thomases.)

According to @aoecoin and Business Insider, in July the German government also cooperated in the seizure of servers that contained 269Gb of sensitive “BlueLeak” police files stolen by a hacker that were being published by DDOSecrets, now permanently banned from Twitter. That data was being used to dox our brave men and women in uniform, some of whom serve under cover, as well as witnesses to crimes, putting them all in harm’s way.

And that wasn’t even the worst of it. In September of 2019, “The US government had Germany seize a huge cache of child trafficking and abuse data held in an old NATO bunker which held over 200 darkweb servers in an underground [five level] bunker. Over 600 agents raided it seizing enough information for years.”

And there’s a whisper on the street that Gina Haspel of the CIA should polish up her resumé. She might need it!

I do believe that, at long last, we’re being allowed to see the draining of the swamp. It’s been subtle in the past, seemingly piecemeal, an arrest here, a firing there, leading the American people to grow impatient and mock the oft-repeated “Trust the Plan.”

The Election was the key. The Forces for Good have been working behind the scenes since at least 2008 silently, secretly setting up the dominoes, one by one, with infinite patience. Pushing them too soon would’ve been disastrous.

But they needed a man to be the face of their operation for the nation. They chose carefully. They chose a man who never intended to run for president. He had a very nice life, thank you very much, and being president would really get in the way of his golfing.

But he’s also a man who loves his country more than life itself. A man who had the brains to join their echelons, the discretion to keep the secrets, the strength to bear the vicious attacks, the humility to never talk about all the attempts on his life and the acting ability to enthusiastically do fourteen MAGA rallies in three days full well knowing the election would be fraudulently called against him by the MSM.

They chose Donald Trump and they were right to choose him.

So today, we Americans can breathe a little easier knowing that something is being done. A lot of something is being done, on all levels, in every way. Let’s continue to do our little bit as digital soldiers and while you read, write, tweet, parler, mewe, caravan and rally, don’t forget to pray!

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” – James 5:16

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – Hebrews 11:1