Headline of the Day

This isn’t about President Donald Trump or fighting to uphold a “fair and free” election. This is all about control and shutting down opponents.


Grifters have to grift.


I guess The Lincoln Project (LP) realized the grift was over after the media announced Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

Trump is their cash cow. Without him who would they go after for the dough?

The LP turned its eyes to Jones Day, the law firm filing election lawsuits on behalf of Trump.

Because if you cannot get to Trump then you go after everyone around him.


Twitter had to lock down LP’s Twitter account for doxxing two lawyers. It came back up after someone deleted the offending tweet.



In following tweets, LP encouraged its followers to stalk Jones Day, its lawyers, and clients.

This is illegal. A lawyer told me that those in the legal profession call targeting clients “Tortious Interference with a Business Relationship.”

I asked the lawyer if the clients could sue:

“IF someone induces a breach of a business relationship, such as lawyer and client, without a proper legal basis (and there are only a very few, elections aren’t one) they can be liable for the financial loss and punitive damages.

— ParsingAmerica (@NoChromeHD) November 10, 2020


“It is. Jones Day is a huge firm. They aren’t going to be intimidated I promise you. They hunger for this kind of case.They’re making bank on it regardless the outcome.

— ParsingAmerica (@NoChromeHD) November 10, 2020


The only reason to dox someone is to make their life miserable and unable to work, which would make most people succumb and admit defeat.

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