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Many have dismissed election fraud based on claims that there is no fraud, that the amount is small and incapable of changing results, and that the amount required to change results would necessitate an easily discovered coordinated effort. Three months ago, these same people claimed that President Trump would steal the election through fraud. They produced nothing to back their assertions, but they could have made estimates to show the minimal capacity for fraud. How much fraud could there be, and can it be corrected before the vote is certified?

If election officials are in on the fraud, as the news about Dominion and the exposed shenanigans imply, it could be so extreme that 90 of 100 people vote for Trump and 100 votes are certified for Biden. There would be 90 angry people saying, “I voted for Trump,” but fraud committed by election officials is almost impossible to correct. The FBI has election crimes branches in all of its offices, but as Richard Pilger lamented, had a 40-year-old policy of investigating fraud after certification. Attorney General William Barr recently changed that policy, but probably too little too late.

Corrupt elections are eventually audited, forensically investigated, and proven, and people go to jail. I have heard dozens of retired Chicago employees brag about their role in frauding Kennedy into the presidency. The subsequent indictment of 677 officials adds credibility to their claims. Chicago saw 100,000 fraudulent votes fabricated in the 1982 Illinois elections, thanks again to corrupt election officials who went to jail. Philadelphia, presently at the center of attention, also has its share of corrupt election officials.

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