Headline of the Day

More than $1 million awarded to P.I.E. Management LLC, created by former Kwame Kilpatrick aide William A. Phillips.

When the city of Detroit needed workers to staff its election center this fall, it turned to a familiar figure in city politics: lawyer and entrepreneur William A. Phillips, whose name a few years earlier appeared often in the corruption case of disgraced and still-imprisoned ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

On Sept. 22, the city council approved a $1 million contract for Phillips’ staffing firm P.I.E. Management, LLC to hire up to 2,000 workers to work the polls and staff the ballot counting machines. “They will provide up to 2,000 employees (Detroit Residents) the ability to operate election equipment on Election Day as poll workers under the MiDeal Cooperative Agreement with the State,” the city council boasted about P.I.E.

Dominion Voting Systems, which provides voting equipment and software for the city, also got fresh money that day for additional machines to count absentee ballots.

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