Headline of the Day

Here’s Lauren Blanchard’s tweet last Saturday after Joe Biden was anointed the “winner” by her Fox News Channel and the rest of the mainstream liberal media:

Lauren Blanchard @LaurenBlanch12 The @WNCathedral bells are playing very loudly right now – I can’t remember hearing them do this & this loudly on a Saturday afternoon. Listening to the bells and then people celebrating here in DC 9:41 AM · Nov 7, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

—————————————— NOW, Here’s the Washington National Cathedral replying to her tweet:

Washington National Cathedral @WNCathedral Replying to @LaurenBlanch12

We actually play the bells every Saturday at 12:30 … 10:38 AM · Nov 7, 2020·TweetDeck

———————————————- Scrupulous, double-checked accuracy isn’t a strong point for Fox News and Lauren Blanchard. Not only did she screw up by tweeting about the bells, implying that they were celebrating Biden, she also tweeted out on election night that Fox was forecasting BIG gains for the Dems in the House:

Lauren Blanchard @LaurenBlanch12

BREAKING: THE Fox News Decision Desk can now project that Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives and expand their majority by at least five seats. 6:17 PM · Nov 3, 2020·TweetDeck

As we all know, the opposite is true – the GOP is cleaning up in House races. Maybe I missed it, I haven’t seen a retraction or apology on Ms. Blanchard’s twitter feed. Has anyone else?