Headline of the Day

The convenient thing about being a proponent of “systemic racism” in America is having the preternatural ability to ferret out systemic racism without the bother of presenting any purported evidence. Incontrovertible evidence is, according to them, everywhere for those not too blind to see.

An article on the Nov. 7 commentary page of the Philadelphia Inquirer illustrates my point. “Being a poll observer in West Philly made me really angry. Here’s why,” was written by Julie Berger, a Senior Research Coordinator at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, “focusing on university outreach to and partnership with Philadelphia schools and community organizations” (which foretells much of what follows).

Ms. Berger spent Election Day as a poll observer in minority majority West Philadelphia. She writes that after many conversations with confused and frustrated voters she understands that our voting system makes it incredibly hard to exercise our right to vote. She understands too that while black people have long known about systemic obstacles to voting, as a white woman (undoubtedly privileged) she has been largely sheltered from those obstacles. Which is why she joined the Pennsylvania Democrats’ Voter Protection Team as a poll observer in a majority black precinct.

Not surprisingly, she observed voter suppression Nov. 3 on a grand scale.

An “alarming” number of the nearly all-black 500 voters she encountered experienced “obstacles.”

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