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Donald Trump is trumpeting a data study showing that Dominion voting machines in contested states systematically stripped 2.5 million votes from Trump. In addition, the same software systems gave 500,000 of Trump’s votes to Biden. Naturally, Democrats disagreed, with AP publishing a shrill and shoddy rebuttal. The data is out there, though, so people can reach their own conclusions.


On Thursday, Nick Chase alerted American Thinker readers to a straightforward data analysis showing that, throughout the November 3 through 4 vote counts, Dominion voting systems abruptly and repeatedly deleted votes from Donald Trump entirely, while at other times transferring votes from Trump to Biden. The total change was 3,000,000 lost Trump votes and a 500,000 vote gain to Biden.


These changes never happened in the other direction. That is, there was no data showing that Dominion software either deleted Biden votes or transferred any of them to Trump.


You can read here the post that describes the data used and steps taken to reveal these vote deletions and transfers. However, because it’s written in geek speak, some translation is in order.


What tipped off the research was that people watching CNN noticed that Trump’s and Biden’s vote counts in Pennsylvania instantaneously reflected a 19,958 vote switch, with Trump loosing that number and Biden gaining that number. Someone named “Pede” (short for centipede) was intrigued. Nick Chase explains:


Pennsylvania uses Dominion voting systems, which forward their data to Edison Research, which then Javascript-encodes it and sends it on to the New York Times and the networks.  So “Pede” downloaded the Edison data for Pennsylvania from the New York Times at this address and analyzed it to locate all similar vote switches, as well as for votes that just went missing.



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