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Lucy Corrato, a 91-year-old former South Philadelphia resident, is a longtime, dedicated nonvoter.

She arrived at St. Francis Center for Rehabilitation & Health Care in 2014 having deliberately avoided voting for decades.

Nicholas Corrato estimated that his mother hadn’t voted in at least 30 years because she never wanted to get called for jury duty. Philadelphia election officials say they have no record that she was ever registered to vote in the city.

This spring, Corrato’s streak was broken.

On April 17, the last day to register before the May primary, she became a registered voter in Delaware County

Minutes later, an application for an absentee ballot was submitted on her behalf for the Democratic primary, according to the election bureau time stamp.

Corrato’s signature is missing from both forms. She has insisted to her son that she didn’t vote and that no one asked her about registering.

“There wasn’t a signature. There was just an x,” said Nicholas Corrato, who has power of attorney for his mother. “She was either coerced or someone else put an x for her name.”

“That’s voter fraud,” Corrato, 67, a retired salesman, said in his home near 19th and Oregon Streets.

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