Headline of the Day

The media has no right to select a President. This falls exclusively under the domain of the American people.

Anyone who has been paying attention should not be surprised that we are currently dealing with election fraud. But the current situation has reached a significant and unprecedented scale.

To facilitate a better understanding of just how far the political left will go to expand their power, remember:


  • Four years of a Russian hoax
  • Phony Steele Dossier paid for by Hillary
  • 2+ years of a Mueller investigation staffed with 17 Democrat, Trump-hating attorneys who found nothing
  • The impeachment/obstruction hoax
  • The Chinese coronavirus hoax. While a genuine threat to targeted vulnerable population segments, it certainly was not the apocryphal event our ruling class and media blamed on Trump 24/7 for just about all of 2020

Hard Evidence

Sydney Powell is an attorney for the president. You may also recognize her as the attorney for General Michael Flynn. She has been lead counsel in 500+ federal appeals cases, 350 of which were as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Past president of the American Appellate Lawyers and Bar Association of the Fifth Appellate Circuit, member of the American Law Institute, and author of several books. She brings much credibility to the table

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