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And it is now coming to fruition.

On January 10, 1963, as an extension of remarks of Representative A.S. Herlong of Florida, “Current Communist Goals” were entered in the Congressional Record — Appendix, pp. A34–A35. There were 45 in total. The author has limited those included to the list that follows. The full list is readily available on the internet.

The original intent was to comment on each point; however, the progress on the goals has become increasingly clear, and the author defers to the readership to judge to what extent. There has been much justifiably written about the current fraud and corruption in the presidential and other national elections that blames the so-called Democratic Party. There is something much more sinister at work on an international level, with the elites and globalists easily blamed. Indeed, many bear responsibility for the attempts to undermine and control or even destroy the United States. But the direction of the players, events, and actions was decided long ago.

Although there may be those now who no longer publicly identify themselves as communists and have adopted the softer terminology of socialists, the overall strategies have not changed. The achievement of the goals that follow appears to have been largely successful. The United States is on the cusp, or even past the cusp, of no longer being a democratic republic with the protections enshrined in the Bill of Rights. President Donald Trump has gallantly opposed the subjugation and decline of the United States, but the full weight of the enemies of a free society has come to light during the 2020 election.

If you haven’t seen these goals, please carefully read them and contemplate their impact on American culture and society, and judge for yourself the extent of the methodical dismantling …

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