Headline of the Day

Beware when one of them says he’s doing it for you.

Democrats have talked about getting rid of the electoral college and stacking the courts for years. It has nothing to do with helping the poor, minorities or else unifying the country. Democrats are obsessed with confiscating power for themselves and government. Their policies are an existential threat to our freedom, prosperity, and survival as a great country.

Here are some of their proposed policies:

Reduce freedom of choice on health care. Their goal is clearly to move towards complete government control of health care. They don’t care how many jobs and communities this will destroy throughout the country.

Premiums and out of pocket expenses skyrocketed after Obamacare passed, even though we were promised they would go down substantially. Prices stabilized and competition returned after Trump got rid of the individual mandate and allowed freedom of choice as to what kind of insurance policy to buy.

Trump mobilized the private sector to help deal with COVID-19. Democrats want to destroy the private health care industry and considers profits and capitalism to be evil.

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