Headline of the Day

Donald J. Trump’s improbable presidency has been the most consequential presidency in modern times and his influence on American politics is ongoing and permanent.

From the time he rode down that escalator in July 2015 to announce his candidacy for the office, nothing has been the same.

Unlike small-minded liberals who outwardly cheered for the failure of Trump’s tenure — negative consequences to the country be damned — should there be a Biden administration, there is no desire here for it to “fail.” If the Senate stays safely in Republican hands, thus assuring a split government, there will be no Green New Deal, no headlong rush to abolish fossil fuels, no outlawing of jet travel or beef farming, no elevation of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico to statehood (which means no additional Democratic House and Senate seats), no packing of the Supreme Court, no abolishing of the 2nd Amendment and no huge, unrestricted increase in taxes. If the Republican-controlled Senate holds true to conservative principles, the amount of extreme progressive legislation and initiatives that can make it into actual law are manageable and survivable. No one needs to cheer for failure.

Certainly, a Democratic administration can do a lot of damage by executive order and judicial activism. Rulings based on painfully arbitrary considerations of “social justice” rather than sound economic reasoning or national security concerns will be the order of the day, much like they were in the Obama years.

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