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There is hope. It’s slim, but it’s there.

This has never happened before, and we are in murky territory, but let’s try to see through the murk.

In several states, including the ones Trump is now suing (Pennsylvania included), there were enough suspicious votes (fraudulent) to swing the election. But for that fraud, Trump would have been the clear winner.

We don’t know how the court will rule, but it is possible that the court could award those electors to Trump or at least disqualify them from casting their votes.

If enough electors (or their votes) are disqualified, neither candidate will have the necessary 270 electoral votes to win. That would then send the decision to the House of Representatives, where the advantage would go to Trump, even if there are more Democrats in the House than Republicans. That is because, in the House, each state, not each representative, becomes a de facto elector. Each state would select one of its House members to vote for a candidate, and by this measure, there are more Republican states than Democrat. Trump would likely win.

The key to all of this is for the Supreme Court (or a state court, which is unlikely) to disqualify the electors who were fraudulently elected. This could throw the election to the House, a likely win for Trump, as was just pointed out.

It seems unlikely that the Supreme Court will actually disqualify any electors, but it could happen. Trump’s lawyers can make the legal case, which is beyond my capability and authority, since I am not a lawyer. But any of us can make the moral case.

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