Headline of the Day

For a party that believes they got a House majority and a president elected, the Democrats are in total disarray.

They were expected to do better. They thought they’d do better. The media was telling them they’d do better. Pollsters were telling them they’d do better.

The voters said otherwise.

Instead of walking away with the presidency, the Senate, and an increase in their majority in the House, Democrats came up short. Republicans have won at least five additional seats in the House and are leading in three others that Democratic incumbents are trying to defend. Republicans were projected to lose 12-15 seats. Instead of a diminished minority party with Democrats looking to run all over them in 2021, there will be a robust minority party that will look to assert itself next year.

The Senate Democrats are still trying to figure out what hit them. They were expected to gain 5-7 seats. The gained one. The outcome is still in some doubt as there are two Georgia Senate races heading to a runoff on January 5, but chances of Democrats taking both seats in Georgia are slim.

Recriminations began before the final results were in. Less radical Democrats pointed the finger at the radicals. The radicals said that all those red-state candidates should have run on socialized medicine, free college tuition, and the Green New Deal. The red-state Democrats just sighed and turned their eyes skyward in disbelief.

Republicans, as many on the right expected, ran against that agenda and cleaned up.

From Politico:

“Still, some frustration is bubbling up in the Senate as well. Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.), who lost by 20 points to Republican Tommy Tuberville last week, blamed getting tied to GOP “catch-phrases” as the reason red- and purple-state Democrats took a beating.”

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