Headline of the Day

During October of 2020 National Instant background Check System (NICS) numbers of checks and numbers of gun sales set new records for the month. The number of checks was 3.3 million. The calculated number of gun sales was more than  1.74 million. The previous record for checks in October was last year, with over 2.39 million checks.

About half of the background checks done in the NICS system are now done for carry permits or carry permit rechecks.


The previous record for gun sales in October was in 2016, with over 1.32 million gun sales.


In October 2019, the number of gun sales was 1.06 million. The October 2020 number is 1.64 times the number sold in October 2019. This is in line with the trend for 2020, which is about 1.7 times that of 2019.Courtesy Dean Weingarten

1.74 million guns sold in October of 2020 brings the total sold in 2020 to about 16.84 million in 2020.  To break past 20 million for the year, 3.16 million will need to be sold in November and December, or about 1.58 million per month. Those numbers can easily be achieved. November and December are traditionally high months for gun sales.

2020 is not a traditional year. Politics and the fear of unrest, of police ordered to stand down in many Democrat cities and states, of a push to ban the most effective defensive tools such as semi-automatic rifles and pistols, have pushed gun sales to all-time records.

The election did nothing to alleviate the apprehensions which have lead to record gun sales in 2020.  Former Vice-President Biden has repeatedly called for mandated turn-ins or registration of the most popular rifles in the country. His running-mate, Senator Kamala Harris, former Attorney General of California, has a long history