Headline of the Day

For months now, you’ve been kept at home. Whether you live in a rural area or metropolitan area, you’ve been forced to work from home, wear a mask while shopping, eat out less than usual, and all other manner of inconveniences. Your kids have to do online school, despite them not being at all at risk. Their milestones, such as prom, first dates, and senior year, have been ruined. You might have had to shut down your business. Your parents or grandparents died in the hospital and you were unable to visit them. You were unable to go to church. Sports were shut down and many still prohibit attendees. The economy collapsed. Was that worth it?

Even when it looked like Covid might be dangerous to some people, the lockdowns were probably not worth it. And that was when at least half the population was taking it seriously. Now, the lockdowns are certainly not worth the cost; we know that Covid is not particularly dangerous, the economic impact of the lockdowns has been ruinous, our mental health has plummeted, and all continued restrictions are doing is ruining lives.

But now, because the Democrats think Trump lost the election, it’s all over. There is no more Coronavirus. The pandemic has disappeared because Democrats no longer have a reason to pretend it’s real. They’re partying in the streets and celebrating in a brazen lack of regard for existing Covid regulations. No, those rules have not been withdrawn. It’s just that the state governments, which had been persecuting Jews and Christians and attacking innocent business owners, are no longer enforcing those rules. Well, they’re no longer enforcing them if you’re cheering for Biden.

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