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An update to the Arizona vote count posted the evening of Monday, Nov. 9, shows the gap between the two presidential candidates shrink even more.

Overall, Joe Biden now leads in the state by 14,746 votes, down from 16,952 votes on Sunday afternoon. This puts President Trump within about half of a percentage point from Biden with approximately 61,500 ballots left to be counted.


BREAKINGDonald Trump is now within 1% of Biden in Arizona.

Have you heard that from our sycophantic DNC media?

Nope. — Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 10, 2020

Gap in Arizona falls a little more. Biden now leading by about 15k with 2% to be counted. A recount likely given the margin. pic.twitter.com/bx0VDrbaSK — Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) November 10, 2020

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs reminded voters the ballot cure process deadline on Nov. 10 is fast approaching.


The ballot cure period is ending soon, and time is running out for voters who need to correct certain ballot issues. For more information, including ways to contact county election officials, visit https://t.co/fUw8UPtvzK or call 1-877-THE-VOTE. pic.twitter.com/GtKvS0Gan2 — Secretary Katie Hobbs (@SecretaryHobbs) November 9, 2020

The latest batch of votes, which included those from Maricopa County, shows President Trump did not perform as well as he needed to.


Trump took 49.2% of 6,495 votes that were posted in Maricopa County at 7 p.m. on Monday, with Biden taking 47%. That was far short of what Trump needed. To overtake Biden, he needs more than 60% of all the remaining ballots statewide. (AZ Central)No matter the outcome, the media was too quick to call the race for Biden in The Grand Canyon State given the razor thin margin.


When Fox called Arizona, its decision desk said Trump could not eliminate the 7 point lead Biden had. Biden’s lead is now down to .5 (one-half of a point) with 1000s more ballots to count. Fox may luck out and be right, but the race was, in fact, too close to call. https://t.co/sdKceJ28iV — Sharyl Attkisson???‍?? (@SharylAttkisson) November 10, 2020

The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit in Arizona on Saturday over “incorrectly rejected votes” in Maricopa County.

“Poll workers struggled to operate the new voting machines in Maricopa County, and improperly pressed and told voters to press a green button to override significant errors,” Matt Morgan, Trump 2020 campaign general counsel, said in a statement. “The result is that the voting machines disregarded votes cast by voters in person on Election Day in Maricopa County.”

The lawsuit is seeking “the manual inspection of purportedly overvoted ballots that were cast in-person, the same way that elections officials examined overvoted ballots that were mailed in or dropped off,” the Trump campaign press release states.