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Fruity cargo cult Apple has been hit by another child labour scandal, this time involving its Pegatron supplier.

The Financial Times discovered that Pegatron used thousands of student interns working overtime to assemble iPhones in breach of Chinese law.

The Tame Apple Press has been doing its best to make Apple appear the good guy in the scandal saying that Jobs’ Mob had “reprimanded” Pegatron.

After being contacted by the FT, Apple said it had stopped giving “new business” to Pegatron, its second-largest iPhone assembler after Foxconn. Strangely though, Pegatron does not appear to have received the memo and workers at the factory said it was still manufacturing new products ahead of the holidays.

Pegatron, which has headquarters in Taiwan but has operations in China, is one of Apple’s largest manufacturers, producing iPhones, Macs, iPads and other components for several years.

It has also faced recurring allegations about working conditions from campaign groups such as China Labour Watch.

Until last month, thousands of student interns had assembled iPhones at Pegatron’s Kunshan plant and illegally worked overtime and night shifts, according to former interns and workers at the plant. Chinese government regulations prevent students from interning in factories if the work is unrelated to their studies. The alleged coercive use of students during the factory’s peak production periods mirrors the abuses previously found by the FT at Foxconn.

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