Headline of the Day

The MSM called the election for Joe Biden on Saturday. The MSM has been full of fake news during the Trump presidency, so why should we believe them now? They don’t decide the election; the electors do. The alleged election fraud is currently being litigated, and the Supreme Court has already stepped in, so it’s far from clear yet how to report the results to the electors.

Look how the MSM dealt with a similarly contested election in 2000, where they showed their obvious bias favoring Democratic candidate Al Gore. First, the MSM wrongly called Florida for Gore on election night, so eager were they for Gore to win. Then, later on in the night, the MSM was forced to retract the call and called the state for George W. Bush instead. But even though Bush won, due to the fact the count was being contested, the MSM retracted that second projection around 4 a.m., not even hesitating to leave it hanging out there a minute longer. The Florida controversy was not settled until the Supreme Court’s decision on December 12, 2000, and they held off calling it again until then. So why is the MSM calling the election for Biden now?

The MSM knows if it keeps the pressure up, shaming people into feeling like they’re chasing conspiracy theories, that conservatives will back down from challenging the results. They’ll start worrying about being added to a list of targets the Democrats have started accumulating, putting their jobs and reputations at risk. They’ll stop contributing to the lawyers fighting the fraud. Prominent influential conservatives are already being silenced. Why else would Fox News host Laura Ingraham tell Trump that he should accept the outcome with “grace and composure?” She saw what happened to fellow anchor Judge Jeanine’s show, which was canceled on Saturday.

But the reality is there is such an incredible amount of fraud it would be impossible to list it all in one column. Third world level election fraud? Yes. It’s a repeat of the Kenyan presidential elections in 2007 and 2017. In 2007, the anti-corruption candidate, Raila Odinga, was winning on election night. In the middle of the night, the power went out around the country. A few hours later, incumbent Mwai Kibaki had taken the lead. A U.S. exit poll found that Odinga had really won by six percent. In 2017, Odinga ran again. Due to hacking of the voting machines, incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner. Odinga appealed to the Supreme Court, which ordered a new election due to the hacking. But without enough guarantees to stop the election fraud, Odinga gave up and dropped out of the race.

There is too much fraud here — concentrated in the swing states — to list in one column. Voting machine irregularities that coincidentally tipped the vote to Biden. Dead people voting. Almost as many people over 90 registered to vote this year than that age group did in all of 2008-2019 combined. A Pennsylvania mailman who said he was ordered to collect late ballots, and four postal workers who said they were told to change the date on ballots. Election workers counting ballots without verifying signatures. Videos of election officials filling out ballots. More people voting than registered voters in some areas. Wide discrepancies between Trump and down-ticket votes; former Justice Department prosecutor Sidney Powell said about swing states, “We’ve identified 450,000 ballots that Miraculously ONLY have a Vote for Joe Biden.” Biden underperformed in big cities in blue states compared to Hillary Clinton in 2016, yet Biden had record turnout in big cities in swing states.

Trump won a larger percentage of the black vote, female vote, minority vote, Jewish vote and gay vote than he did in 2016. Republicans won 28 of the 29 most competitive House seats (and likely more as results come in), took control of three more state legislatures and probably kept control of the Senate. How did Trump and the GOP do this historically well yet lose the presidency?

I’ve been heavily involved in Arizona politics since 1996. It doesn’t make any sense that the state went for Biden. The most accurate pollster in 2016, Rasmussen Reports, had Trump up by four points in the last poll before the election this year. That’s outside the margin of error. The GOP kept control of the legislature, Rep. David Schweikert won reelection in a close race, and the GOP looks to be winning both the Maricopa County Attorney and Recorder races. There are no significant signs the Democrats did well here.

This is far from over. The legal fight can go on until December 8. Then, the Electoral College votes on December 14. The House tallies the votes on January 6. If the Republican-controlled Senate disputes the electors from a state, that could throw the vote to the House, where each state delegation would get one vote for president. Since Republicans have a majority in state delegations, they could prevail. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might object, but ultimately the Supreme Court gets to decide.

Conservatives have complained about election fraud for years, usually in smaller races where no one was punished, so they were labeled conspiracy theorists. But now it’s become mainstream. Now, the biggest race in the country, involving the most powerful Republican in the world, has been destroyed by election fraud. Will Republicans continue to challenge some of the most serious felonies in our country’s history, which are destroying the foundation of this country, or will they succumb to the pressure of the MSM and its comrades in the Democratic Party? People go to prison for election fraud. The MSM is not your friend. This is not about whether you like Trump’s “style,” as the MSM has fooled everyone into thinking. We will never have a perfect president. This is about the last gasp of the United States as we know it.