Headline of the Day

The 1776 Commission and the executive order signed by the president of the United States are the last things being discussed right now, and understandably so. However, the 1776 Commission is more than what meets the eye. The executive order is committed to restoring an education about the founding of our nation to the frontline of the information war: our nation’s schools.

The 1776 Commission is dedicated to increasing an accurate teaching and an emphasis on this teaching in America’s K–12 schools and throughout formal instruction. The executive order also emphasis this education regarding the current statues and historical landmarks that currently exist, thereby providing protection of these monuments and statues that have previously been attacked and vandalized or taken down by radicals and politicians throughout America. This has been a historic tactic by Marxists to remove America’s history in an effort to destroy the truth, while replacing this history with their own propagandized interpretation.

The 1776 Commission is also a full rebuke and a knockout punch to the 1619 Project and its mission to rewrite America’s history based on the lie that America is founded on racism, bigotry, and discrimination. A simple reading of Thomas Jefferson’s own writings would clearly show that he, too, was interested in abolishing slavery, even as a young congressman in Virginia before the revolution. In fact, it was placed to a vote because of his hard work on this issue. The vote failed due to countless congressmen in Virginia being beholden to England. It’s this accurate history that the 1619 Project sought to ignore while replacing it with their own false interpretation. The 1776 Commission takes the 1619 Project head on, while also emphasizing the need to fully remove Common Core, which has been known to be the vector of such indoctrination and propaganda.

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