Headline of the Day

80 electoral votes in 7 different states remain in dispute, and those disputes must be cleared up through the legal process before the votes can be awarded to either candidate. The corrupt media has yet to call North Carolina and Alaska, but that is only because Trump is well ahead in those states. If Biden held the same lead Trump holds there, both states would have been called long ago. Given that Biden has not disputed the vote counts in those states, they are added to the Trump column.

This is the true state of the race: Everything else coming from your corrupt news media monolith is part of their Nazi-style disinformation campaign designed to brainwash you into blandly accepting the results of a stolen election. I’ve been warning you about that campaign since March, and here we are.

VIDEO:  https://dbdailyupdate.com/2020/11/09/monday-news-roundup-evidence-of-massive-democrat-election-fraud-just-keeps-rolling-in/