Headline of the Day

In the midst of the post-election chaos a long-time acquaintance, who is a robotic Democrat voter, texted me “With Biden the violence and riots in the streets of the big cities will stop. That is why he needs to win.”

I texted back:

“Not so fast my friend. If Biden wins, within six to twelve months the riots will get worse and more violent. Which is among the primary reasons why Trump must leave no stone unturned in contesting the election. Besides if the Biden cabal steals the election, Trump must make certain the American people know the full extent of the fraud. The Biden presidency must begin with a dark cloud hanging over it after what Trump and his 70+ million supporters have endured for the past four years including the 2020 election.”

If Biden were to prevail and be sworn in as President on January 20, 2021, it will be solely due to his party executing the greatest fraud in American political history, along with considerable help. The Democrats’ co-conspirators in the Ruling Class provide financial and media collaboration, while the radical American left, with their organizing ability and willingness to unabashedly break election laws to justify the ends, provide the muscle.


The American left now is committed to violence as a way to achieve its goals


Saturday night, after the media proclaimed that Biden was elected, demonstrators in the nation’s capital chanted “Burn it down!”


Separate group has broken off screaming “burn it down”… Dressed in all black. Marching downtown DC. A lot of umbrellas as usual with no rain in forecast: pic.twitter.com/xBi6oMq0N0 — Henry Rodgers (@henryrodgersdc) November 8, 2020



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