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Included in the vandalizing were spray painted words, “F— Biden.”

At the first presidential debate, Democrat Joe Biden famously said, “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” That idea vandalized his Portland campaign building Sunday night, breaking windows and spray painting “BLM” and “F— Biden,” among other things. It would seem that the idea has manifested into a form that isn’t happy with the media-anointed president-elect.

Independent journalist Drew Hernandez recorded the aftermath of the riotous attack.

Anyone who doesn’t get their news through mainstream media as well as residents of cities under siege like Portland realize that Antifa is, indeed, more than an idea and clearly quite organized. Biden was quoting FBI Director Christopher Wray when he made his debate comment, but he was missing context. Wray was not suggesting that Antifa isn’t tangible the way Biden tried to frame his words. He was saying that they do not have centralized leadership or infrastructure. Even that comment is questionable considering the degree of coordination that has become more and more apparent in recent months.

Biden has called for unity ever since the media has “called” the presidential race on his behalf, but it seems impossible in these highly antagonistic times. Antifa is just one example of groups who generally backed Biden but not because they like him. They, like millions of Americans, simply hate President Trump more than the corrupt Biden, who has been in Washington DC for nearly five full decades.

But there are reasons for hope this week, at least for Trump supporters, as an army of attorneys working on behalf of the President are working tirelessly to bring the truth of voter fraud to light. As our EIC noted in his post yesterday, we have reasons to be very optimistic about the President prevailing in the end.

Anarcho-communists like Antifa have no allegiance to anyone. They may prefer Democrats as the lesser-of-two-evils that is closer to their radical leftist worldview, but don’t expect them to stop if Biden successfully steals the election.

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