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Far-left Hollywood actor John Cusack fired off a slew of unhinged, anti-Trump tweets in his latest rant, referring to the president and his administration officials, as well as the millions of supporters who voted for him, as Nazis and enemies.

The celebrity actor-turned-radical activist has frequently railed against the Trump administration, but has upped the rhetoric since the recent election.

On Saturday night, Cusack referred to post-election President Trump as a “fascist” being deposed in one tweet and a Nazi in another.

“It’s Just starting to hit  – the symbolic power – of replacing a nazi – with a woman of color on the ticket – is  massive historic repudiation of trumpism,” Cusack wrote.

In another tweet from Saturday, Cusack attacked various members of the Trump administration, referring to Trump legal counsel and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as “Rudy ghouliani,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “Deathkkult pimp Pompeo,” White House aide Stephen Miller as “Nazi miller,” and Vice President Mike Pence as “Criminal Pense.”

In addition to criticizing Trump and his administration, Cusack went on to refer to all Republicans as a “deathkkkult.”

“If Republicans enable a nazi – that makes them – what – A fucking deathkkkult,” he wrote.

In one of the more inflammatory tweets, Cusack described thirty percent of Americans as Nazi “enemies,” while condemning Biden’s conciliatory approach.

“I know why Biden is preaching reconciliation But 30 % of country that Are nazi – are enemies,” the tweet read.

In July, Cusack joined rioters in embattled Portland in a show of support, while calling federal agents sent to restore order “stormtroopers.”

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