Headline of the Day

Democrats have lamented how the Electoral College gives smaller states outsized influence over presidential elections. But consider what they’ve done via illegal means: given a handful of Democrat-run, major cities far greater influence over the current election.

That is, with vote-fraud being mainly a Democrat-big-city phenomenon, we now face the prospect that shenanigans in Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and some other leftist metropolises will be the deciding factor in who takes the White House next year.

(If you doubt this, know that ex-Democrat governor Rod Blagojevich just called such vote fraud a “time-honored” Democrat tradition. All connected Democrats know this, by the way.)

Such corruption has made some wonder how it is that we have state- and locally-controlled elections for federal offices when these contests affect the whole nation. It’s a good question, and the answer is that this is part of the wide-ranging powers states are constitutionally granted.

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