Headline of the Day

A tweeted video shows a fight between a Black man and a young white man during a Biden-Harris rally in Madison, Wisconsin, on Saturday afternoon.

A video tweeted by cinematographer Rebecca Brannon shows two men in what appears to be a heated discussion during a Biden-Harris rally on Saturday. The Black man appears to be angered over a phone that no longer appears to be in his possession.

“I dropped my phone,” he yells at an unidentified person. “Get my phone. It was right there.” A young white man appears to block the path of the man to keep him from going to where he believes his phone is located.

Suddenly, as the young man looks away, the older man begins throwing multiple punches — striking the man in the head and face multiple times. As he retreats, someone wrestles him to the ground.

In an apparent concern over optics, one of the organizers yells over the PA system, “Come on! The last thing we want to do is see a Black man get arrested by the Police.”

“What is wrong with you,” someone else shouted.

Another person yelled, “Black people just made history today and you want to be f***** ignorant. You want to bring the place down! F*** you!”

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