Headline of the Day

Now that the media have proclaimed Joe Biden our 46th president, many conservatives are devastated, angry, some even shocked. But this is not the time to give up. It’s not the time to retreat. It’s not the time to turn on each other. We supporters of Donald Trump are at least 70 million strong. We are legion. And, like it or not, we are all Trump now.

We represent all colors, religions, economic and social classes. We are different genders, sexual preferences, and have varying levels of education. Some of us are working class, some middle class, some make a lot of money and live in nice suburbs, others in rural areas, and some are wealthy. We love Donald Trump and we love America. He has done more in four years than anyone else could do in eight. We must stand by him during this entire election debacle.

And being the fighter he is, Donald Trump is thankfully not conceding. Think how much easier it would be for him to congratulate Joe and walk away from another month of hell, glide right back up that gilded escalator and resume his life. But he didn’t choose that for one reason: for us and our future. He wants to preserve the American way of life for his children and grandchildren, just as we do. So he has chosen, instead, to take the long and painful route of exposing the corruption and collusion between the DNC machine, the media monopoly, our Democrat-run cities and states, and our foul culture. In the end, he might not win but he’s not going down without a fight.

As I write this, crowds are amassing in major cities around the country, prematurely celebrating Joe Biden’s ascension to the presidency by media pronouncement – not by process!

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