Headline of the Day

“When we have a vote on the House floor, there is no way in the world I’m going to be voting to ratify the Electoral College votes from states where I believe that illegal votes have distorted the will of the people in those states who have cast their votes illegally,” Brooks added. “And we’ll see how that goes. It is not the Supreme Court who decides who is the President of the United States, under the Constitution, it is the Congress who makes that decision.”

Such an outcome could force the 50 U.S. House state delegations to determine the next president, which Brooks said could mean Trump’s reelection.

“If the Republicans stick together in the House of Representatives and if we vote by state, which is what the United States Constitution suggests we shall do, then Donald Trump will be elected president if we conclude that the election and voter fraud is so great that the will of lawful voters is being denied by the process that socialist Democrats put into place,” he explained.

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