Headline of the Day

Growing reports of fraud in swing states are making their way onto alternative news sites – the mainstream media obviously won’t touch the issue. Numerous reports have surfaced about observers not being allowed to do their jobs. They have been thwarted from having six-foot views of vote counters, been kept out of such rooms, had paper posters block any view, and, in some cases, even been escorted off the premises.

Horror Stories Abound

Some reports indicate that mailrooms across the country continue to contain mailed-in ballots that were never delivered to the appropriate precincts. Reports have surfaced that late ballots in some postal stations were fraudulently backdated. In some instances, ballots were allegedly trashed by postal carriers.

Reports show that some software, particularly in Antrim County, Michigan, flipped some 3,000 votes cast for Donald Trump, over to Joe Biden’s side, resulting in a 6,000 vote swing. The software was employed in 47 Michigan counties, so potentially 282,000 votes would have to be subtracted from Joe Biden’s totals and added to Donald Trump’s, if the same mistake was made in each of these counties. Worse, many other battleground states employed that software.

Against this backdrop, one has to wonder, will Joe Biden actually retain the title of president-elect? Or, will Donald Trump continue on as our 45th president, with a 46th to appear in January 2025?

If Biden remains as a valid president-elect (a huge “if”), what are the items that a fair-minded, patriotic citizen would like him to know? I have a few to offer.

It’s Like This, Joe…

I want to see the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights honored. To this day, these are key documents that guide us. I support the Electoral College which helps to ensure that “Fly Over” states and states with small populations will have a voice on the national scene, and not be swamped by mega-states such as New York, Illinois, Florida, Texas, and California.

I request that you nominate Supreme Court justices, when the opportunity arises, who interpret the U.S. Constitution as written. I abhor justices who legislate from the bench. We have no room for partisans who only rule one way, case after case. At the circuit level, on down, I further request the appointment of federal judges who uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and who also don’t legislate from the bench.

I seek to maintain First Amendment rights for everyone, for freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, which the Left frequently attack in our country. I feel that everybody has the right to speak and not be censored or canceled by those who think that only they have a right to free speech.

And That’s Not All

I want you to uphold the Second Amendment and a citizen’s right to defend themselves and their family when required. Those individuals who own and responsibly use guns are the least of law enforcement’s concerns.

By the way, peace around the world is a great idea, spearheaded by your predecessor. I’m for many of our troops returning from foreign lands, and not being involved in ancient hostilities between warring groups or in unwinnable wars. I’m for continued peace in the Middle East. It bears mentioning, I support the rights and benefits that our military veterans deserve.

It’s time, Mr. Biden, to end human and child trafficking around the world, particularly for those who are brought to the U.S. against their will. And to end pedophilia, WHEREVER it occurs.

Borders Are A Big Deal

We need to secure U.S. borders and we don’t need to be flooded by illegal immigrants however they arrive — by air, by land, or by sea. We’re a sovereign nation based on laws. Do not overrun us by hundreds of thousands, if not multi-millions of people, who would arrive here within days if so allowed. Further, we need to keep jobs in the U.S. and not have them outsourced to Mexico, South America, or to your buddies in China.

Our heritage, more than 230 years in the making, matters. Despite historical national misdeeds and current challenges, we are getting better all the time. Don’t give in to the Marxist revisionists and disparage our history.

Law and order is vital, Mr. Biden, and you need to support, not deride, the nation’s police forces. To defund police forces is to allow our cities to permanently descend into chaos. Our cities should be a safe place to operate a business, to walk, and to be out at night.