Headline of the Day

There’s big news breaking here in Pennsylvania, and most of the national media seems to be unaware. It’s the matter of Pennsylvania’s crucial (but heretofore largely ignored) provisional ballots, which could be decisive in pushing Donald Trump back into the lead in the state, or at least triggering a statewide recount.


But alas, this isn’t over, which brings me to the crucial matter of the provisional votes. I learned last evening that there are roughly 100,000 provisional ballots still out and uncounted in Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania defines a provisional ballot this way:

Sometimes county elections officials need more time to determine a voter’s eligibility to vote. Election officials may ask that voter to vote a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot records your vote while the county board of elections determines whether it can be counted.

In other words, this ain’t over. And it’s why Donald Trump is absolutely right to not concede anything and to double check everything. All of the votes in Pennsylvania have not been counted.

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