Headline of the Day

In the aforementioned episode of Narcos: Mexico, the cartel members don’t even try to hide what they’re up to. They simply march into polling places and add zeroes to the tabulation sheets so that their chosen party wins. The brazenness of that was shocking to me when it happened; it was obviously fraudulent, but they got away with it.

That is what I see happening right now. The Democrats just added zeroes to Biden’s vote count. In Michigan, voting machines counted thousands, if not tens of thousands of votes, for Biden when they were actually cast for Trump. Wisconsin has an unrealistically high voter turnout number. Pennsylvania and Georgia keep finding more and more votes, all of which are cast for Biden. In some cases, that means they “find” tens of thousands of votes that were cast for Biden without finding a single one cast for Trump. And many of those simply have a vote for Biden- not a single down-ballot candidate. The brazenness of it is shocking and repulsive.

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