Headline of the Day

The masters of deception did not disappoint in their attempt to use the 2020 presidential election as the linchpin for an attempted coup.

Using a highly orchestrated and massive cheating scheme, billionaire globalist financiers and their corrupt media partners stand poised to install their puppet politician, the dementia-stricken 78-year-old Joe Biden, on the throne of what would officially become an American oligarchy.

If they are allowed to succeed, and I emphasize if, the takeover of America will be complete. At that point, we officially become the resistance.

Their success would mark the end of individual liberty in One Nation Under God, where our inalienable rights come from God and not some two-bit career politician who takes his orders from foreign governments and global entities like the United Nations.

What we have seen over the past four days is shocking. A group of elitist, mafia-like gangsters has used raw power, accumulated over many decades in corrupt big cities, to nullify the legal ballots cast by 70 million freedom-loving Americans who voted for the re-election of Donald J. Trump as their president. These elitists hate Trump because he fights for us, the common people, the working people. He did everything in his power to reverse decades of globalist polices that outsourced our jobs, pilfered our bank accounts, forced small farmers off their land, and regulated small companies out of business.

But now we will see what these 70 million are made of. They smashed us at the ballot box but will they be able to crush our spirit to resist their illegal power play? Will they convince us to believe the lying narrative of the mainstream media that everything was handled on the up and up?

They took what was almost certainly shaping up as a Trump landslide and used strategic cheating in five key states to turn the tables.

Late-breaking news out of Michigan Friday discovered that 47 counties used election software that was capable of switching Trump votes to the Biden column. Michigan’s GOP chairwoman Laura Cox held a press conference announcing the startling findings:

Now it has come to light that this same software was used in nearly every battleground state, including Pennsylvania and Georgia, where two counties have taken four days to count their ballots, an unprecedented situation in that state.

Researcher Mary Fanning has reported extensively about a secret software program that was made available to the Obama administration that allows voting machines to switch up to 3 percent of the vote totals from one candidate to another. For more on that program, called HAMMER Scorecard, listen to Fanning’s Nov. 5 interview with radio host Brannon Howse. Fanning believes that the HAMMER was used in the Nov. 3 election and the findings in Michigan lend credance to her reporting.

Everything is at stake here. A “President Biden” would be no president at all. He has already said he would simply let the “experts” tell him what decisions to make. Whether its COVID-19 or climate change, Biden will do what he is told to do by the globalist mafia, not what is best for the American people, their jobs, their prosperity, their future as a free people.

Trump has accomplished more than any other Republican president in history.

He named three conservatives to the Supreme Court, something that cannot be undone unless the Democrats win both houses of Congress and pack the court.

A “President” Biden would try to reverse many of Trump’s other accomplishments.

Biden said he will tear down the portion of new wall built under Trump, and flood the nation with a 500 percent increase in foreign refugees.

Biden will try to return to the favored globalist policy of getting American troops involved in endless foreign wars.

Biden will try to make sure more unborn babies are killed, both at home and abroad, by using our tax dollars to fund the killings.

Biden will try to continue to suppress free speech and to advance the cancel culture that began under Obama, putting Americans’ jobs on the line for voicing their political opinions.

Biden will try to enact illegal gun grabs by executive order.

Trump now has the undisputed support of 70 million Americans. Even the media crooks cannot deny that. He fought for us and now we must fight for him, and more importantly the ideals that he stands for – Life, liberty, God and family.

We do ourselves no favors, though, if we gloss over some of the hard lessons of this election. The forces of evil have amassed such power that they can steal almost anything from us.

I’ve talked with a lot of friends over the last couple of days, as Trump’s vote totals and heavy leads were being systematically overcome by corrupt Democratic machines in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Las Vegas.

I found that many still had hope that Trump would prevail. And maybe he will.

But what if he doesn’t? We do need to think about that.

People on our side, the good and decent Americans with sound values rooted in faith, family and the Constitution, have always tended to underestimate the strength of the enemy. I have devoted this blog to shedding light on the powers arrayed against them, not to scare anyone but to prepare them. We fight evil with good not because we know we will win but because it’s the right thing to do and we accept that this will make us unpopular in the eyes of the world. Our ultimate victory is not of this world, which is operating on borrowed time, but in the eternal kingdom that will follow.

Jesus said not to be surprised when the world hates us, His followers, because the world hated Him first. And the hordes of hell have been scheming and lining up against us ever since.

It seems that evil has to become so obviously evil that people will demand real justice [not the counterfeit justice promoted by the Marxists] and recognize that in a fallen world such justice can only come from Christ.

Right now it’s hard to believe that evil and injustice on such a grand scale can be allowed to flourish by the official institutions that were set up to protect us from such things. The courts, the media, the politicians, they will all fail us in the end. Dare I suggest that maybe, just maybe, such gut wrenching disappointment in human institutions is exactly what is needed to test our faith and let us know once and for all if it is real or counterfeit.

None of the election irregularities we’ve seen over the last few days would have happened if our institutions had not already been infiltrated and corrupted by America-hating, God-hating neo-Marxists and socialists. Once we let them inside, we handed them the keys, and they went to work to undermine and weaken the checks and balances that our founders established as a barrier against the very kind of lawless activity that appears to have overtaken our elections process.

They were underhanded and unaccountable. Republican observers were illegally harassed, kept at a distance, even banned from the counting sites in several states.

The pretext for all of this was the COVID-19 virus. Democrats used the fear created by their media partners to change the very structure of our voting system, allowing for the first time millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots to flood the system. They then seized on this opportunity to flood precincts with illegal ballots, many of which had no post mark, no verifiable matching signature, none of the safeguards of a normal absentee ballot.

Massive “dumps” of these unsolicited mail-in ballots arrived in the dark of night at just the place they were needed in a key swing state. More than 130,000 arrived in Detroit’s election headquarters, ALL OF THEM FOR BIDEN! They papered over the windows so no one could see what was going on inside. Those GOP observers who were allowed into these dens of dishonesty reported being kept between 30 and 100 feet away from the ballot processing, unable to tell what was happening.

One Republican poll watcher, Nahren Anweya, reported being roughly escorted outside of the counting facility. Watch her Nov. 4 video posted to Facebook.

Anweya announced in another Facebook post on Thursday, Nov. 6, that she will be pressing charges.

“I will be filing a police report and pressing charges tomorrow against the gentleman who assaulted me in the #Detroit election headquarters when I entered as a certified and authorized election challenger. He threw me out because my Assyrian jersey [also red, white and blue] caught his attention. He started following me and knew I was capturing all of their fraud. As soon as I approached one of the main military ballot table he threw me out at night in one of the most dangerous cities in the country. He’s not supposed to touch me or grab my personal belongings. I was parked on the roof top and I ended up so far away from my vehicle. No mercy on these savages.”

Biden spoke publicly Wednesday to tell the military wing of his party – Antifa and Black Lives Matter – to be patient and “stay calm” because “the process is working the way it is supposed to.”

It was working all right, but not for we the people. It was working just the way it was designed to work by the criminal mafia cartel for which Biden works.

If allowed to stand, we will now have a compromised, illegitimate “president” of the Unites States whose loyalties lie not to the American people but to the international Marxist element of his party and the communist government of China, which has lavished hundreds of millions of dollars on the Biden family.

Complicit in this entire coup de’tat is the FBI, CIA, the corporate mainstream media and Big Tech – Google-YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The FBI knew about the overseas dealings of Biden Inc. since at least December 2019 and did nothing. They sat on Hunter Biden’s laptop and when the New York Post revealed what was on that laptop the FBI remained silent while the mainstream media and Big Tech blacked out the Post’s story.

If this is allowed to stand, no American who had their vote stolen should consider this man their president. We must immediately launch an effort of peaceful civil disobedience, ignoring every law signed by this fraudulent president, every executive order, every word that comes out of his mouth. He is dead to us. WE WILL NOT OBEY.

True resistance starts with the money flow. We must stop supporting corporations that feed the corrupt globalist system that orchestrated this election coup.

That means we must start making sacrifices.

The other half does it. They don’t shop at Trump-supporting conservative companies. Why do we shop at Democrat-supporting businesses?

We need to turn off the spigot that shoots dollars from conservative families into the enemy’s camp, only to be used against us later.

We can do this, but only if we care enough and are willing to make sacrifices.

Stop buying goods and services from companies that have thrown their lot in with the evil ones.

We know who they are. The great thing about Trump is he exposed all of them.

Disney, Netflix, Starbucks, Target, just to name a few. And what about the mainstream media, including Fox News? Cut your cable subscription and livestream your news.

Fox News was a major collaborator in the greatest election-rigging scheme in world history.

By calling the election in Arizona for Biden early on Election Night, they helped create the psychological edge that was needed to launch the vote-cheating programs in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. The Fox News “Decision Desk” not only rushed to call states for Biden, they held out as long as possible to call states for Trump that were never in doubt.

And who can forget how Fox News moderator Chris Wallace went after President Trump in that first debate, pressing Trump into awkward situations with outrageous questions like “will you denounce white supremacy?”

So clip the connection to Fox and replace it with Newsmax and OAN [One America News]. Also take the money you save from cutting cable and give it to independent sources of news and analysis, like this one, which help Americans see beyond the veil of deception that is so heavy in these times.

This is war. If we were in the military we would be at Defcon 1, the highest level of readiness, where the gun is cocked and aimed at our foreheads. Problem is, too many conservatives are still talking and acting like we’re at Defcon 3 or 4. They still don’t see the enemy for what it is, a raging wolf seeking to devour them. Maybe this election heist will be the wakeup call.