Headline of the Day

Election 2020 will go down as the moment something changed for the worse across several states and wrecked America’s faith that our elections are clean and fair.

President Donald Trump jumped out to vote leads in several states despite Democrats doing everything they could to game the election in the prior weeks. They had terrified millions of Americans into fearing going to church, getting a bite out to eat, and of course standing in line to cast their votes. Even with social distancing and unprecedented cleaning procedures to keep everyone safe, the propaganda worked. Fear is one of humanity’s most basic motivators. Millions voted by mail for the first time, trusting a U.S. Postal Service whose union had endorsed Biden, with their sacred franchise.

While the blue-state Democrats terrorized America on one hand, on the other hand, they pulled out every trick they had been saving up to make mail-in voting a standard in as many of their states as possible. In swing-state Pennsylvania, for instance, Democrats made it so that mail-in ballots didn’t need to be postmarked by Nov. 3 — and signatures didn’t even need to match — for a vote to be declared valid.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro, sounding like a Bolivian junta leader, even declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the Keystone State — days before a single ballot had even been counted. That tweet was Shapiro and his fellow Democrats’ Halloween trick on America, disenfranchising millions of voters coast to coast, because Pennsylvania is the keystone to both parties’ electoral hopes.

All of this invites blatant election tampering that would have made Saddam Hussein blush. Election security experts agree that of all the vulnerabilities any election can have, mail-in ballots provide the most opportunities for mischief.

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