Headline of the Day

Overnight the State of Georgia was stolen. The Democrats made up a 100,000 vote deficit since election day to steal the state.

President Trump held massive rallies in Georgia before the election. He had an estimated 42,000 supporters at his rally in Rome, Georgia less than a week ago. Joe Biden held two events in Georgia on October 27, where he garnered up an estimated 70 supporters. But don’t trust your own eyes.


And don’t blame this on COVID. President Trump had hundreds of thousands watching his rallies on the Internet but Biden only had a few thousand watching his events.

We’re told not to trust our own eyes. The corrupt Democrats, Big Media and Big Tech want us to believe that none of this happened. That somehow Joe Biden won the election. It is a lie.


We Call Bull$hit: Joe Biden Couldn’t Get 10 People at a Campaign Rally But He Somehow Breaks the Record for the Most Candidate Votes in US History? No Way


On election night President Trump had an insurmountable lead in Georgia. There was no way he could legitimately lose according to analysts.

Even with mail in ballots and massive voter fraud, the Democrats couldn’t recover. Then at about 11 o’clock at night, the state decided to shut down and call it a day. We still have no information on who made this decision or why it occurred.

On Wednesday morning the day after the election, it was reported that with 94% of the votes counted President Trump had lead of 102,823 with 2,380,946 votes to Biden’s 2,278,123 votes.

Then Wednesday afternoon we reported that the Democrats in Georgia were trying to bring ballots to people to have them altered so they would be legit. It’s probably more likely the Democrats took these ballots, altered them themselves and then turned them back in:


Trump Camp Files Suit in Georgia to Stop Counting Ballots After Biden Camp Seeks Volunteers to go ‘Door-to-Door Helping Voters Fix Their Mail in Ballots’ AFTER ELECTION DAY


Then on Thursday morning Georgia still had not completed counting but between Wednesday and Thursday Biden picked up a huge percent of the outstanding ballots. Thursday morning with 98% of the votes counted, President Trump was only up by 18,098 votes with 2,432,097 votes to Biden’s 2,413,999.

In the 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday, the Democrats picked up 73% of the votes counted. Out of 187,027 votes counted in 24 hours 135,876 of these votes were given to Biden!


Last night the Democrat steal was complete.

This morning Georgia reports that the old and senile Biden somehow pulled out Georgia too. As of this morning FOX News is reporting that Joe Biden is up by 917 votes with 2,449,371 votes to Trump’s 2,448,454.

It’s time Georgia stands stand for justice.