Headline of the Day

Her video account at link. Summary:

1. Were ready to go home and ballots were done being counted and everything had gone smoothly

2. Then 3 vehicles including a Ferrari show up around 4am with 130K ballots all for Biden

3. As they go through the ballots all are for Biden

4. GOP not allowed the number of legal Poll watchers/Challengers after 5:00am

Keep in mind both GOP and DNC are allowed one person for every precinct, and there are 134 precincts in that polling location

5. Tyrannical Gov Half-wit then says that capacity has been reached and has Health and Human services get involved.

6. ACLU allowed in and kicks out GOP challengers

7. Windows boarded up with signs and GOP were allowed in bit by bit(5 at one time she said yet massively under the legal number), and many locked out entirely.

VIDEO:  https://streamable.com/xgsnl3