Headline of the Day

As I write this, it is with the knowledge that by the time this column is published, we will almost certainly not have a clear winner of the presidency of the United States as a result of Tuesday’s general election. As indicated last week in this space, the sense of urgency surrounding the general election was palpable, and only time will tell whether this translated into the wholesale mobilization of voters that was hoped for on both sides.

While many Americans expressed surprise and outrage that they didn’t go to bed Tuesday night or wake on Wednesday morning with a clear winner, the fact that the presidency and other races remain “too close to call” should not have been entirely unexpected. Considering the current political climate, it was largely predictable that anything other than a landslide of indisputable proportions was going to lead to contention in the election’s outcome.

As the Trump and Biden camps gear up for legal challenges, and with votes still being counted, of course the question of whether voter fraud played a part in the balloting has arisen, and will undoubtedly influence how events unfold in the coming days (and perhaps weeks).

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