Headline of the Day

Looks like Black Lives Matter violence has made the natural progression from rioting, vandalism, and public beatings to attempted assassinations.

From the New York Post:

Enrique Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit that he was slashed in the stomach, while “multiple other members” were injured, including a man stabbed in the neck and a woman with them stabbed in the back.

Enrique Tarrio is chairman of Proud Boys International and Florida state director of Latinos for Trump. The Proud Boys are the anti–Black Lives Matter: race-neutral instead of racist and pro-American instead of anti-American.

The group said they were heading home after watching the election at a DC bar when they were jumped and knifed just blocks from the White House.

As noted earlier, Black Lives Matter/Antifa established a substantial presence in this area on Tuesday for the purpose of election intimidation.

After the attackers fled, Bevelyn Beatty — a black woman who previously dumped paint over the Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower — was seen holding her lower back, saying, “They stabbed me.”

No good deed goes unpunished with Black Lives Matter in control of the streets.

“She’s bleeding really badly!” gasped the videographer, Jen Loh, a former vice president of Latinos For Trump. …

Loh told Storyful that the attackers appeared to target Beatty. “If it wasn’t for the three or four Proud Boys that were there, she would have been stabbed and really brutally beaten had they not saved her from the attack,” Loh told the agency.

If liberal establishment journalists are compelled to acknowledge this event, it will no doubt be twisted into confirmation that the Proud Boys really are racist, just like Joe Biden says.

The injuries were serious but not life-threatening. Competence does not come naturally to BLM/Antifa types. But given practice, their assassin skills will improve.

DC police spokesman Lt. Ralph Neal initially told local media that the suspects were members of Black Lives Matter…

After BLM unsurprisingly denied this, the DCPD backtracked and said it could not confirm the assailants were affiliated with BLM, as if there were a registry of official members somewhere, and their names may or may not be on it. Given that DC’s anti-American mayor Muriel Bowser painted a two-blocks-long BLACK LIVES MATTER mural on 16th Street leading to the White House, it can be assumed that political pressure played a role.