Headline of the Day

1: Participate in citizen journalism by monitoring and documenting ballot counting

Many of the best MAGA activists have come together to STOP THE STEAL. Groups are mobilizing and meeting to monitor and document disputed vote counts in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Nevada. .

In just it’s first couple hours, more than 100,000 people joined the Women for America First, Stop the Steal Facebook Group. Assuming it hasn’t been censored, it’s the best place to get up to the minute updates on events, meetings, and updates on STOP THE STEAL.

2: Contact your elected representatives Have you told your elected representatives how you feel about the attempt to steal the election from President Trump yet?

You can send a verified letter to your specific Congressman and Senators in less than a minute for free using this Rally Congress

3: Follow and support #STOPTHESTEAL activists

Amy Kremer @AmyKremer I’m headed to #Stopthesteal tonight in Atlanta…Fulton County

Meet me at 9:45 PM https://t.co/GZvUUjzNN2 Kylie Jane Kremer #STOPTHESTEAL @KylieJaneKremer


State Farm Arena 1 State Farm Dr, Atlanta, GA 30303

STOP THE STEAL PROTEST – Drop what you’re doing and get there!!


#STOPTHESTEAL November 5th 2020

Brandon Straka @BrandonStraka HEADING TO MICHIGAN TOMORROW with some of my team & security to lead a massive and LOUD protest effort they won’t forget. We’re gonna to kick some ass. They will NOT steal this from us. Please help support costs: PayPal.me/usminority Or Venmo: @BakArts https://t.co/6q5yWzHQKM Brandon Straka@BrandonStraka

URGENT!!!! I’m headed to Michigan to lead a protest! WATCH AND SHARE!!! https://t.co/1HZU9GdEgm https://t.co/eZleEV3sc3 November 5th 2020


I can’t stop yelling because I can’t stress this enough.


StolenElection.us #STOPTHESTEAL #ElectionResults2020

STOP THE STEAL – WOMEN for AMERICA FIRST stolenelection.us November 5th 2020

Ashley StClair 🇺🇸 @stclairashley CNN talking about “election integrity” as if the Democrats didn’t let illegal immigrants & countless non-US citizens vote in states with no voter ID laws

IRONY! November 4th 2020

Dustin Stockton @DustinStockton Tell your elected representatives to STOP THE STEAL on Rally Congress!

Demand Election Integrity america-first-projects.rallycongress.com November 5th 2020

Courtney Holland #StopTheSteal 🇺🇸 @hollandcourtney These pictures below don’t even do our protest justice (that we had announced three hours prior)

We had around 100 Patriots show up to show their support for President to Trump to Stop The Steal. Kyla Galer @kylagaler

RIGHT NOW: Trump supporters are protesting outside of Clark County Election Center as the state continues to count ballots. @FOX5Vegas https://t.co/QobrQFMDJb November 5th 2020

4: Pray for President Trump and America Pray for God to steer our President and our nation through these troubled times.

5: Support Tyrant’s Curse and our war against globalists Did you know Tyrant’s Curse is exposing and unraveling the secret group of elite globalists at the center of the Russia Hoax and sham impeachment of President Trump? Did you know that just a few hours after releasing our bombshell report one of the worst Russia Hoaxers, Julia Ioffe, was OUT at GQ Magazine?

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